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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Sunday heralded the beginning of our annual hummingbird fest with TWO
showing up. What a pleasant way to remind us that spring is just around the
corner. HAH!

Last Sunday morning I woke up to 26 degree weather but then on trip BACK
home from Corvallis, I was heading north through Portland and viola,
rainbows!!! Gotta love cell phone cameras. Can't quite do it hands free,
but it sure beats using a digital camera while you're cruising the Portland
bridge corridor along I-5.

The hummingbirds are up to a half dozen right now so the migration is in
full swing.

And then this morning we were greeted with SNOW. Not a lot but just enough
to put a twist on the whole day, not to mention the reminder that SHEARING
is probably not in the best interests of man and beast. Yogi decided
apparently to spend the night laying in the snow AND what seems like the
never ending and is now comfortably snoozing in the living room, much to the
annoyance of both Gracie and Luna, who were smart enough to spend the night
in shelters, and are now wondering just what exactly they did to be left

So right now it's 35 and still snowing sort of, with another couple of
inches expected tonight possibly, and more on Friday night. It's nothing but
mildly annoying, and to tell the truth, sort of enjoy it. We will have to
wait and see what the pear tree blossoms think about it though, sure would
hate to lose them to the weather. Gotta love spring in Washington. Wait a
few minutes and the weather will definitely change!!!!

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