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Sunday, March 16, 2014

An Experiment in Non-Social Media

It has been most of 18 months since posting on this unread blog site. Today begins a new grand experiment in Non-Social Media. I have by deliberate intent deactivated the grandest of all social media experiments account, have never had a 'T' account, and do not anticipate playing in this 'Google+' world.

The experiment is;
1. What will I replace the inane time spent bouncing from meaningless social post to another (including my own) with,
2. Who will discover that they can no longer find me within the social media circuit,
3. How long will it take and,
4. Will they make ANY extra effort to find me at all beyond waiting for some social media post?

Oops, forgot one....do I care in any fashion?

Have a nice day.....

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