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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Llama Babies - Willow of the Wind Joins the World

So, Katee our llama maiden is busy taking her time thinking about having her baby. the BOOKS all say that the average is 355 days gestation, and that comes and goes without so much as a single labor hum.
Well on Friday around 4PM I am out and about doing my llama chores, and there stuck to the inside of her thigh is her mucous plug. About time. Of course in the past when and it happens rarely I notice a mucous plug you can figure the baby the next day. WRONG! Keep in mind she is already at day 367, so I guess she decided that enough was enough and it was time to get rid of this creature.

She goes from mucous plug to stage one labor almost immediately. And from there she starts doing the whole roll on the ground, pop up, spit at every other llama that comes near her, up and down, and thinking about pooping and peeing but stopping.

By 7:45 I decide to tell her that she really only has bout an hour left of good daylight, while I am scrambling around, putting power in the big shelter, running straw, setting up additional dividier walls (keep in mind that our first baby STORM RUNNER was born on Wednesday jut before this (PS she now weighs in at 34.5 pounds).
And FINALLY, Katee decides to deliver. We have nose and toes at NINE PM, with a baby on the ground at 9:40 PM. She is not quite the blower and goer as Storm was, and does not nurse at all until 12:45 PM, but she did finally nurse. I was worried about her being underweight; UNTIL I put her on the scale and she comes in at 23.8 lbs. Now compared to her half sister who came in at over 29, that may seem small, but still very acceptable and in my mind very much so for a maiden. And so without further hesitation, Roads End Llamas brings you Willow of the Wind (Royce's Kissamee Katee x Bitter Creek's Buckskin)

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