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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Llamas and Hummingbirds and SNOW Oh My

Here it is April 19 and the SNOW has been falling since 4am. This is disturbing on all sorts of levels.
First of course this is Olympia Washington where we can often go ENTIRE winters without it ever getting to freezing much less snow, but boy NOT THIS YEAR.
We had the flood of all floods here in Western Washington in December, snow pack levels in the mountains that has been unheard of for decades, cold weather down in the low-lands for weeks on end, and just a mess all the way around.
And this latest snow is the most disturbing of all.
Yeah it throws us off our paces a bit, but even more this weather is starting to bump right up into baby birthing and all the worries that brings.
The first of our babies is due in 3 weeks and the weather just keeps getting more and more unpredictable. LAST SATURDAY it was 83 degrees, last SUNDAY it was 45 degrees, and now its snowing.

They say GLOBAL WARMING is all a part of this and well the reality is not much we can do but hope they are wrong. The tiny things we do in our daily lives to mitigate this whole warming stuff is miniscule, but necessary. Now if there was just a way to convince everyone to try and make the "Big Boys" in the world to understand just how fragile things have become, we might have a fighting chance at planetary survival.

But life marches on [well Aprils on] and we will do what we do.... survive.


  1. Thanks for the movie, Gary!
    You folks have certainly had more than your share of weather the last few months. It's even snowing down here in the Olympia lowlands just off of Yelm Hwy this afternoon. Weirdness times four!
    What next?
    Linda Gunnells

  2. Not sure what will be thrown at us next to be honest.
    But I suppose at least we haven't had an earthquake recently.
    He said knocking wood HARD!!!


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